iHub Provides Customized Digital Supply Chain Solutions For Industries With Complex Logistics Needs

iHub Solutions is a leading customized warehouse services provider in Asia. We aim to deliver specialized services through the application of innovative business models, technology, process management and customer service.

iHub Solutions specializes in the storage and handling of office systems furniture, fast moving consumer goods, multimedia and imaging and infocomms products. We currently operate five facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a dedicated information network linking the sites.

iHub Solutions offers a comprehensive range of warehouse services that harnesses the latest information technology, warehouse and storage optimization models and decision support tools to deliver innovative logistics solutions for today’s global businesses.

Our business solutions span the following four areas:

  • Warehousing Services – storage, receiving, put away, order processing, order pick , document storage and spare parts management.
  • Distribution Services – transportation, return material, cash collection and site administration.
  • Value Added Services – asset management, kitting and vendor managed inventory.
  • Information Services – virtual logistics system with internet access for customers’ inventory, invoicing, delivery orders, customer websites and key performance indicators.



We build a high performance team that is values driven, continuously learning and striving towards excellence.


We build a strong, diverse and synergistic base of customers with complex needs, through win-win partnerships and professional customer service.


Risk Taking & Learning Ownership & Responsibility Honesty & Sincerity


Customer Excellence Teamwork Care for Employees


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Singapore:     Cecilia Tan
Mobile:            (+65) 97738610

Malaysia:        Puah Chang Seng
Mobile:             (+6012) 3930515

Hong Kong:    Kenny Leung
Tel:                   (+852) 21919178

Bangkok:   sales@ihubsolutions.com

Furniture:    Cecilia Tan
Mobile:          (+65) 97738610