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International Freight

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iHub brings total logistics solutions for air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, trucking, and advanced warehouse services together under one roof. From delicate electronic components, to everyday furniture, to over-sized and over-weight construction related cargoes, iHub offers door-to-door global transportation services for a wide range of cargoes for a wide range of solutions.

Our global network integrates full-service air freight and sea freight facilities in more than 200 cities in more than 100 countries around the world. With our infrastructure, we can plan, collect, transport, deliver, and track orders door-to-door to ensure your global supply chain operates smoothly at the lowest possible prices.

Freight Customized

iHub is engineered with a unique capacity for automation and customization. It starts with top-tiered technology that allows us to re-program our operations system for specific work processes for specific customer solutions. For example, we can add new data fields that are made visible and/or mandatory for any particular shipper, consignee, etc. We can trigger automatic emails for almost any pre-defined process. We can customize the sequencing of operational steps and events, the required timing between those events, and the documents/emails/recipients that link those rules and steps and events. Best of all, we can deploy these customizations very quickly, even for many smaller businesses, typically providing these customizations free-of-charge!

We believe that making our customers’ operations more efficient makes iHub more efficient, saving time and money for everyone involved. That is why we adapt our systems and our staff to fit your systems and your staff.

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Air Freight Customized

iHub enjoys the challenges of urgent cargo. Our pick-up, clearance and delivery times are among the best in the industry.

  • Priority Express Services – for the fastest possible transit times
  • Consolidation Services – for great prices on standard delivery schedules
  • Deferred Services – for budget solutions when transit time is not a priority

Sea Freight Customized

iHub Freight is both an NVOCC and an NV-MTO (Non-Vessel, Multi-modal Transport Operator). Our accreditation as an NV-MTO ensures greater financial capability, higher insurance coverage, and more stringent staff qualifications compared to standard NVOCC requirements.

Full Container Services (FCL) – iHub partners with a large range of ocean carriers to meet the different needs of different customers involving transit times, departure days, special equipment, and pricing. We are able to pre-allocate reserved space for select customers and ship their cargo on-time, even during peak season congestion.

Loose Cargo Services (LCL) – iHub provides highly professional less-than-container-load services for inbound and outbound cargoes. We also provide both general and customer-specific LCL sailing schedules for planning and convenience.

Order Tracking Customized

iHub’s vision is to be the industry’s top provider of Purchase Order Tracking services. Various options are now available, including traditional PO follow-up, online self-service, and direct EDI interface with SAP and other ERP systems. What makes us so special? By integrating customer-specific air freight and sea freight (sailing) schedules together with an advanced product inventory I.T. system; iHub is developing the best-in-class solutions to manage warehouse inventory, in-transit inventory, and in-production inventory at a part number level. Best of all, we aim to keep it Simple.


Customs Clearance


iHub Freight is linked electronically with Singapore Customs for fast and easy clearance of cargo. For supply chain security, we support Singapore’s Secure Trade Partnership (STP) programme and we aim for security certification at a later date. Outside Singapore, iHub clears cargo fast and professionally in more than 100 countries, including duty consultancy services through our partners in many of those countries.

Cargo Insurance

iHub offers cargo insurance to protect your products and to protect your company against damage, pilferage, loss, and general average catastrophes. We offer single shipment coverage, threshold coverage, and blanket coverage for shipments and warehouse inventory.

Online Track and Trace

Live shipment information is displayed from our operations system to our password secured online track & trace system. Customers can see the latest shipment events, get the latest ETD’s and ETA’s, view commercial invoices & packing lists, and search by PO number, airway bill number, container number, and practically any other item that you would want to search. We feature online quotations and self-service reports, and we support many other time-saving conveniences and cost-reduction services. Click here to login.

Strategic Reporting Customized

iHub is able to customize a wide variety of reports and automatically deliver those reports from our system to our customers, at scheduled times, without any human intervention. For example, we can automatically consolidate all of your shipments with the latest ETD’s and ETA’s onto a single report and automatically email you these latest updates every morning and every afternoon; or weekly, or any specific timing of your choice. Some of the reports we offer include:

  • Shipment Tracking Reports – as described above
  • Customized Pre-Alerts – choose from a range of available formats or create your own, we can send it to any specific person for any specific shipper/consignee//origin/destination/type
  • ‘Hot Note’ emails – instantaneous, specially configured email updates to any person you choose, for any hot shipment you specify
  • Factory Management Reports
  • Shipment Management Reports
  • Milestone Management Reports
  • Cash Flow Management Reports

For further inquiries, please e-mail us at

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Mobile:             (+65) 96157239

Malaysia:        Puah Chang Seng
Mobile:             (+6012) 3930515

Hong Kong:    Kenny Leung
Tel:                   (+852) 21919178


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