Customized and Value Added Services

iHub offers a portfolio of value-added services which complement and enhance our warehousing offering. We design our operational processes to cater to differing needs of our customers in reducing cycle times, compress your supply chain, consolidate your operations, minimize your efforts in managing supply chain functions and trim your costs.

We work with you to understand your business needs and design a bespoke solution to improve the effectiveness and flexibility of your supply chain. Together with our multi-skilled team, we are able to achieve cross-fertilization of ideas by bringing best practices of one industry to bear on another during process planning and execution in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand.

Asset Management

Bundling and Packing

Our flexible and adaptable pick and pack services are available for a variety of products that come in all shapes and sizes. Our pick and pack service are designed to meet your specific order requirements and order fulfilment needs. We have the ability to manage your seasonal increase in the demands of your product, accompanied with our strength in attention to detail.



iHub offers a comprehensive kitting service as a value-added option for many customers in a variety of industries. We take multiple SKUs, combine them in a package to create a new SKU. This process takes place when separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.

Our customers benefit from a high rate of savings in time and fulfilment costs by taking advantage of the convenience, accountability and speed that comes from a single-source provider thereby granting them greater flexibility in product line utilization, rapid response to sudden changes of orders and packaging development.

Shrink and Heat Wrapping

Heat Wrapping

We provide on-site shrink wrap services for your commercial products application. Our proven wrapping techniques assisted with our Shrink Wrap Machine ensures protection towards damages and contamination. By utilizing heat shrinkable plastic film, it protects your product from any element of moisture and dust and at the same time minimises storage consumption space which is a cost-effective solution to your business.


Assembly, Warranty Repairs and Customized Installation Services

Our customers have increasingly requested for assembly and installation services upon delivery and we have added a full assembly option for our customers. This service includes the installation and setup of items for residential, corporate and retail deliveries. Our bespoke delivery and installation teams are specially trained to handle products ranging from high end home furniture to store display stands with LED lightings.

We offer quality service with a dedicate specialist touch to ensure safety handling and installation of your items with the utmost care. We invest in product training for our delivery and installation teams to fully understand your specific requirements. Our white glove services enhance the delivery experience to every customer tailored need, making every delivery exceptional for our customers.

Labelling / Price Tagging


We offer labelling and price tagging services for your products. We can apply customized labels for different markets, bar codes and price stickers to support local promotions By leaving this responsibility to our team, you redirect your workforce from repetitive tasks to other important elements in the company. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees offer this reliable service with the guarantee of specialist and quality.

Asset Management

Asset Management

There’s no room for error when you need a precise picture of your company’s physical assets. Knowing exactly what you have could save you thousands or even millions of dollars in taxes and insurance costs.

Therefore, it should be handled by experts who specialize in fixed asset inventory (physical inventory procedures). We own our proprietary fixed asset tracking software and have the domain knowledge in the operation of asset management.

Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Management

Our efficient processing of orders and picking of spare parts – within one hour of order receipt – enable us to effectively serve the time critical industries such as medical and aerospace.

All spare parts are bar-coded with serial numbers for identification and tracking purpose in our warehouse system.

Besides Bill of materials information; our multi-dimensional inventory system provides our customers the capabilities to manage many to many spare parts relationships (multiple parents to multiple child parts). In addition, our system can monitor and allow customers to set varied alert levels on product attributes: aging, expiry date and stock levels. These tools have proven to increase our customers productivity and effectiveness in their warehouse management workflow.

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Relative Humidity

We at Ihub Solutions take great responsibility on the aspect of Safety and Quality of the products in our warehouse. That is why we have installed ‘Temperature and Humidity Sensors’ in our facility and vehicles to ensure products that rely on the environment are kept to its freshness and quality. This is to also ensure that Singapore Food Agency (SFA) requirements are met. Our customers have 24/7 access and visibility of the temperature and humidity reading via our Virtual Logistics System.

Our Case Study

MNC with the following problems:

1. Stocks are in disorder with no itemization

2. Large area used for storage

3. High inventory carrying cost

4. Could not locate goods during order picking

5. Long time to pick goods

6. Wrong items being delivered

7. Damaged cargo

iHub implemented the following solutions:

1. Detailed itemization by product codes and description, together with Bill of Material.

2. Cleary defined storage strategies like palletized storage, cartonised storage, bin storage, etc.

3. Location control with state of the art Warehouse Management System.

4. Order pick strategies like piece pick, carton pick, pallet pick, consolidated pick, etc.

5. Key process control points to avoid mistakes and damages.

6. Real-time inventory transactions.


1. Storage area reduced by 50%.

2. Reduced inventory by more than 50% due to increased visibility.

3. Fast order turnaround time for urgent orders from one day to 2 hours.

4. Stock accuracy, pick accuracy and fulfillment rate increased to more than 99%.

5. Reduction in manual data entry.