Excel Delivery Order Upload Template

Notes for using the Delivery Order Upload Excel Template:

    1.  Yellow fields are mandatory:
      • CLIENT: Your iHub client code.
      • DELORDERNO: Your delivery order number
      • DELIVERMODE: Valid options are IHUB for iHub Delivery or SELF for self collection or 3rd party collection
      • DELCONTACTPERSON: Your delivery contact person
      • DELPHONENO: Your customer delivery mobile number. iHub will SMS them a day before delivery to notify them
      • DELCOMPANYNAME: Your customer delivery company name
      • DELADDRESS1 and DELADDRESS2: Your customer delivery address
      • DELPOSTALCODE: Your customer postal code
      • DELTIMING: You delivery timing
      • ITEM CLIENT: Item client code
      • ITEM: Item code
      • QUANTITY: Item quantity to be delivered
    2.  Client Code and Delivery Order Number must be repeated for each order line.

3.  For DELTIMING field, acceptable values are:
a.  ANY – delivery anytime between 9 am to 5 pm
b.  MORNING – delivery between 9 am to 12 pm
c.  AFTERNOON – delivery between 2 pm to 5 pm
d.  EVENING – delivery between 7 pm to 9pm


  1. Do NOT delete any columns
  2. Do NOT add or leave any extra lines after the last order line.