Warehouse Inventory Management

Digital Technologies

in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand

Core to our process integration strategy is our proprietary technology-enabled Virtual Logistics System (VLS) that offers web-based interactions of various stakeholders from clients and end users alike to have track and trace visibility of the Warehouse Management System in movement of goods and transactional services.

iHub is recognised in the industry with these notable accolades, a testament of our ability to handle supply chain complexities and our commitment to supply chain excellence.

  • Singapore Quality Class (SQC) with Innovation certification for Business Excellence (BE) by Enterprise Singapore
  • Supply Chain Innovation of the Year (LSP/SME) 2019 by Supply Chain Asia

Constantly innovating to deliver smart logistics, our deployment of digital technology is evident in our supply chain in the Order Processing, Warehousing, Transportation and Delivery business processes.

Virtual Logistics System (VLS)

  • Virtual Logistics System, our high performance integrated platform gives 24/7 accessibility to view receipts, track serial and lot numbers, set expiry dates and replenishments alerts, upload images and digital documents, input delivery orders (FIFO / FEFO), view signed proof of deliveries, product aging, temperature and humidity readings and real time inventory status with data analytics tools (consumption pattern, stock holding value, leadtime, reorder levels etc)
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for inbound receiving of Delivery Orders in advance, so that warehouse goods are checked and tallied against the information in a matter of seconds.
  • API connectivity for E-commerce Integration (WooCommerce, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, Shopify, etc.) and ERP (SAP) integration, coding expertise enables a seamless flow from Ordering to Delivery with a few clicks.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Bots are deployed to automate repeatable order entries and with such execution brings consistency and reliability to improve services.
  • eBilling is handled with in-system links to charging rates, transaction of delivery orders and invoices; the flow of financial information is real-time and fully integrated with operations.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Material Handling Equipment, our latest high-tech transportation devices (forklifts, pallet jacks), storage solutions (pallet racks, mobile racks, shelving, bins), staging equipment and picking units (reach trucks, order pickers) brings speed, efficiency and productivity to material management.
  • Intelligent scanners (both barcode and OCR-ready) and tablets are used to process goods flowing into Receiving, Putaway, Pick and Pack operations.
  • “Dimensioning, Weigh, Scan” (DWS) Profiling system to optimise downstream dispatching for cargo load balancing and route schedule planning.
  • Exoskeleton wearables help in reducing potential back injuries for our workers and when combined with PAT technology, locations can be rezoned to reduce “wasted movement”.
  • LED Sensor Lightings are deployed as part of our Green Initiatives for sustainability.
  • Cross-docking functions are integrated into VLS to facilitate staging goods for Merge-In-Transit operations.
  • In-house Personnel and Asset Tracking (PAT) system to analyse movement efficiency and use geofencing zone technology to detect outliers.
  • Inventory Optimisation and Decision Planning system to help in controlling inventory cost is offered as a service value-add for higher level of customer excellence.
  • Real-time dashboards of process performance, data analytics and KPI trends are built into operational events for business intelligence insights.

Cloud Transport System (CTS)

  • Cloud Transport System (CTS) manages route assignments and delivery orders for our drivers. The delivery tasks are captured with desktop OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and the driver-specific delivery schedule will then track task completion via a mobile-CTS application. Proof-of-Delivery documents are also digitally scanned with auto-sort and route into repositories.
  • CashCard Management system to administer Parking and ERP transactions, thus ensuring the fleet of drivers are going paperless in claims and other cashback schemes.
  • Fleet Telematics with real-time to dynamically track vehicular locations, coordinate diversions, update delivery status and other driving-related performance metrics.

Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security is crucial in protecting our server and network infrastructure; it is vigilant in detect, prevent and remediate response using Artificial Intelligence and behavioural analysis to spot suspicious threats.

Knowledge Management

  • Process performance and the operation metrics are reviewed regularly in our Document Management System for continuous improvements.
  • Predictive Analytics through the application of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modelling and machine learning, enables us to identify opportunities and predict outcomes for informed decision making.
  • Corrective Action Report as aspect of our quality management adopted to identify the root cause and eliminate the recurrence of the problem through corrective actions along with preventive actions.