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What We Offer

iHub Solutions is a ‘Singapore Quality Class with Innovation Niche’ smart warehouse delivery and logistics services provider in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. We aim to deliver Smart Logistics through innovative business models,  information technology, integrated process management and high service quality levels. We have in place very comprehensive Process Workflows (reference to ISO 9002 standards) and dashboard system to track daily service performance so that high levels of customer services are maintained. Our smart solutions are customized to suit our customers’ changing needs and we have developed our unique IT solutions which include the following integrated systems: Top delivery service in Singapore.
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  1. Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  2. Virtual Logistics System (VLS) a secured cloud based smart expert system with internet access for real time orders and inventory management.
  3. iHub’s Application Programming Interface (API) allow customers to send orders directly from their Ecommerce builder platforms or Marketplaces Ecommerce platforms for integrated and seamless order flow.
  4. Cloud Transportation System (CTS) for vehicle routing assignment, real-time visibility of fleet movements and delivery status updates, mobile applications for driver job assignment, delivery details and proof of delivery.
  5. System interface between our WMS and customers ERP system (e.g. SAP – WMS)

We specialize in warehousing, inventory management and transportation for companies in the Furniture (Home, Office, Kitchen & Outdoors), Fashion & Lifestyle, Cosmetics, Body and Hair Care, Healthcare, Marketing Premiums, Print Media and Communication, Information Technology & Telecommunications, Facility Management, Financial Institutions, Spare Parts Management,  Retail and Wholesale, Food and Beverage and Ecommerce.

We also provide valet storage services through Storage Tree which takes the hassle out of self storage by bringing storage right to your doorstep. You schedule our boxes delivery online, pack your items and we will collect, store and return your items upon request. Visit today.

We are hiring! Visit our careers page to find out the positions available.


iHub Solutions (Thailand) Ltd
23/4 Moo 2 Soi Watnamdeang
Srinakarin 10540 Thailand


Selangor Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association

Singapore Logistics Association

Industries We Serve – iHub Key Vertical Markets

Fashion & Lifestyle

Cosmetics and Skin Care


Kitchen Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Office Furniture

Retail & Wholesale

Events & Banquet Furniture


Infocomm & Telecoms


Print & Media

Food & Beverage

Spare Parts Management

Marketing Premiums

Facility Management

Latest News – iHub Featured As An Industry Leader

iHub awarded ‘Supply Chain Innovation of the Year (LSP/SME)’

iHub Solutions has been awarded ‘Supply Chain Innovation of the Year (LSP/SME)’ at the Supply Chain Asia Awards on 11 Sep 2019 which is accorded to SME company in Asia Pacific that adopts the most innovative and transformative technologies in its operations and contributes...

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SQA Governing Council Recognises iHub Solutions

SQA Governing Council Recognises iHub Solutions

During the welcome address at the 2017 Business Excellence Awards Conference, SQA Governing Council Chairman, Dr Cham Tao Soon specially mentioned iHub Solutions as an example of a company that has successfully differentiated itself in the very competitive supply…

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